N2R High Clearance Skid for Redcat Gen8 v2

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This is v2 of our popular N2R High Clearance Skid for the Gen8.  Our skid eliminates the bulbous mass under the stock skid, adding over 5mm of ground clearance without raising the transmission or other components.  Your Gen8 will glide over roots and rocks with ease, and v2 has been strengthened with a beefier front upper link design and more durable material.

Package includes 1 skid and 4x M3 locknuts

Installation tips

  • If you are not planning to replace the stock driveshafts, we do NOT recommend trying to remove them when installing the skid.  Stock driveshafts are secured with red thread-lock that is extremely difficult to remove, and it is NOT necessary to remove the driveshafts to replace the skid.
  • Start by removing the stock battery tray and transfer case from the stock skid.  Then disconnect all 7 links from the stock skid, followed by the remaining 8 screws that secure the skid to the chassis.
  • Chassis rails will flex enough to allow you to remove the stock skid and install the N2R skid without having to detach bumper mounts or cross-members.
  • IMPORTANT - When installing rear upper links, insert one M3 washer between each rear upper link rod end and the skid (see picture).
  • After installing the N2R skid, you will need to use the included 4x M3 locknuts to secure the screws that pass through the front and back of the stock sliders into the forward-most and rear-most holes in the stock skid.

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  • 5
    Gen8 skid plate

    Posted by Richard Daugherty on Oct 13th 2019

    Skid plate is designed awesome. Works flawlessly. Screws grab very nice. Have bought two of these for both of my trucks. They hold up to abuse.

  • 5
    so much clearance!

    Posted by Albert Truong on Aug 28th 2019

    i am VERY happy with this replacement skid plate for the gen 8. Very nice clearance, and keeps all the stock bolting points, so you dont need spacers to lift the battery tray! easy install (thanks to the instructions here and to youtube), and the difference is surprisingly night and day. i get hung up all the time from a simple boulder in my yard, but with this plate, i clear the peak of the boulder without issue!

    here are some pics of how flush the bowhouse skid plate looks: https://imgur.com/a/M2Q8c76

    defintiely my goto plate if i pickup a blue one!

  • 5
    Skidplate redcat gen8

    Posted by Matt Lightner on Jul 28th 2019

    It looks to be very durable sold construction and fit looks to be proper .very good item.

  • 5
    Gen8 skid plate

    Posted by Romeo Gamit on May 6th 2019

    Great upgrade, fits perfect and great costumer service.

  • 5
    Gen 8 Skid

    Posted by Richard Dow on Apr 19th 2019

    Absolutely a top of the list must mod for your Gen 8

  • 5
    Gen8 skid plate

    Posted by Lee on Apr 8th 2019

    Awesome product. Perfect fitment. Absolutely no issues. Love it.

  • 5
    Gen8 skid

    Posted by Ryan Boucher on Apr 4th 2019

    Its a noticeable difference! Easy to install and looks sick!!

  • 5

    Posted by Brett on Mar 30th 2019

    made a world of difference guys !

  • 5
    N2R High Clearance Skid for Redcat Gen8

    Posted by William Herricks on Mar 29th 2019

    I purchased this after watching a review from Exocaged R/C. The part is flawless, excellent quality, fit and finish. I recommend this to anyone with a Gen 8.