SSD Trail King Pro Scale Chassis - Builders Kit

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64.0 Ounces

The new SSD Trail King Pro Scale Chassis - Builders Kit is one of our favorite scale building platforms.  The Trail King is based on the proven SCX10 II architecture with upgraded SSD components throughout, including all hardened steel transmission gears, upgraded lockers, SSD's Pro Scale shocks, titanium links, an injection molded 3D V8 engine, and much more.  The result is a durable, high performance platform with a scale drivetrain that is almost fully compatible with the wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories already available for the SCX10 II.

Here is the manufacturer's list of features and specifications:


  • Scale chassis layout
  • Steel C channel frame rails
  • Scale transmission with aluminum motor mount
  • All machined steel gears
  • V8 engine motor cover
  • Chassis mounted servo
  • Scale axle design
  • Machined aluminum C hubs
  • Machined aluminum knuckles (SSD00144)
  • Hardened steel universal joint axle shafts
  • Machined hardened steel lockers with 6 bolts
  • Machined hardened steel axle gears with 6 bolts
  • Machined aluminum chassis panhard mount
  • All titanium links
  • Machined hardened steel scale driveshafts
  • Machined aluminum bumper mounts
  • Machined aluminum wheel hexes
  • Machined aluminum shocks (SSD00297)
  • Scale fuel cell receiver box
  • 305 - 324 wheelbase (with optional links)
  • Fits SCX10 II compatible bumpers
  • Fits SCX10 II compatible bodies


  1. Wheelbase: 313mm
  2. Transmisison Ratio: 11.8:1
  3. Axle Ratio: 3.75:1
  4. Final Drive Ratio: 44.2:1

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