SSD Trail King Diamond Offset Front Axle Case

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4.0 Ounces

Manufacturer's description:


Scale design

Injection molded nylon main axle housing (SSD00226)

Removable injection molded axle tubes with integrated mounts (SSD00298)

Aluminum C hubs (SSD00292)

Hardened steel offset universal shafts (SSD00313)

Fit SCX10 II compatible knuckles (SSD00144)

Direct fit on SSD Trail King chassis

Direct fit on SCX10 II chassis

Compatible with SCX10 II axle gears, bearings and knuckles


Main axle case

Offset front axle tubes

Aluminum C hubs

Offset universal shafts


4 * M2.5 x 12mm cap head

10 * M3 x 5mm button head

1 * M3 x 25mm button head



Assembly instructions can be downloaded here:

A shorter front upper link is needed for this axle: SSD00377

This axle is not compatible with SSD00123

Aluminum tubes are available: SSD00366

Brass knuckles are available: SSD00193

6 bolt gears are available: SSD00181 & SSD00349

6 bolt locker is available: SSD00196

Matching rear axle is available: SSD00373