SSD Pro44 CMS & Titanium Link Set / V2 Conversion for SCX10

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  • CNC machined aluminum chassis parts
  • Anodized black
  • Heavy duty titanium links with internal thread
  • Stronger than aluminum
  • Lighter than steel
  • Durable plastic rod ends with steel ball
  • Complete set of suspension links including double bent panhard bar
  • Front chassis mounted steering servo
  • Chassis panhard bar mount in same position as SCX10 II
  • Converts front suspension to 3 link with panhard bar (same as SCX10 II)
  • Direct fit onto Axial SCX10 (with 305mm wheelbase)
  • This kit allows the use of Axial AR44/SSD Pro44 and other SCX10 II compatible axles on the original SCX10 chassis.


  • 2 X Aluminum parts (black)
  • 1 X Bent Titanium link (panhard bar)
  • 1 X 80.0mm Titanium link (front upper)
  • 2 X 83.0mm Titanium links (front lower)
  • 2 X 94.5mm Titanium links (rear upper)
  • 2 X 96.5mm Titanium links (rear lower)
  • 8 X M4 plastic rod ends (SSD00116)
  • 8 X M3 short plastic rod ends (SSD00020)
  • 1 x M3 long plastic rod end (SSD00017)


  • 8 X M4 x 16mm threaded rod
  • 8 X M3 x 12mm threaded rod
  • 5 X M3 x 6mm
  • 2 X M3 x 8mm
  • 1 X M3 x 8mm flat head
  • 2 X M3 x 12mm
  • 6 X M3 washer


  • Length: 80.0mm, Diameter: 5.0mm, Thread: M3
  • Length: 83.0mm, Diameter: 6.0mm, Thread: M4
  • Length: 94.5mm, Diameter: 5.0mm, Thread: M3
  • Length: 96.5mm, Diameter: 6.0mm, Thread: M4


This kit requires the user to have complete assembled Axial AR44, SSD Pro44 or compatible SCX10 II axles to complete the conversion.

Installation instructions can be downloaded here.