Sponsorship Requests


We are flattered by the number of sponsorship requests we receive on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, because we are still a small company, we are not able to say yes to every request we receive.  We prioritize events that we will be able to attend and also take into consideration the history of the event, type of event, attendance, other sponsors, and what the organizers will do to help get our name out.

If you are organizing an event and are interested in having us sponsor, please provide the following information in the form below:

  • Your email address, name, company name (if applicable), and phone number
  • Name of your event and link to the FB event page
  • Date and location of the event
  • How many years have you run this particular event
  • Last year's attendance and expected attendance at this year's event
  • Type of event (SORRCA comp, G6-style, etc.)
  • Sponsorship tiers (if any)
  • Other sponsors that have already committed

We will review your request and contact you if we are able to sponsor your event.  Thanks for your interest and understanding!