Rear Leaf Shackle Mount for TF2

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1.0 Ounces

The BowHouse RC Rear Leaf Shackle Mount for the RC4WD TF2 relocates the shackle mounting position for better geometry and prevents the shackle from locking in place under full compression. This SLS nylon version is a bolt-on replacement for the stock part and does not require any hardware other than the stock hardware.

Installation tips:

-- After removing each shackle from the tree, use a hobby knife or utility knife to trim any excess plastic where the mounts connected to the tress. The white dots where the trees connected can be touched up with a black marker but will be concealed from view once installed.

-- Use a 3/32" drill bit to clean any manufacturing residue out of the mounting holes.

-- Before installing in your chassis, start a screw in each mounting hole on your workbench so that the screws will engage more easily once you place the mount in the chassis.