NCYota Double Shear Knuckle and Lockout Combo

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1.0 Ounces
The NCYota Double Shear Knuckles and Lockouts by BowHouse RC work on Vaterra Ascender axles, all versions of the BowHouse RC NCYota axles, and GCM TM8/TMX axles. The double shear knuckle design provides extra strength as well as multiple mounting options for your steering links (tie rod can be mounted between double sheer arms or above the top arm)


  • Double-shear knuckle design for extra strength, durability and steering response
  • Mechanical stop on knuckles to help protect against over-steering
  • Improved geometry vs. stock Ascender knuckles to reduce stress on CVDs
  • Improved wheel/tire clearance compared to stock Ascender knuckles
  • Lockouts feature integrated brake dust shield
  • Bolt-on solution uses stock hardware with no modifications required

Please note that the set includes one left knuckle, one right knuckle, and two bearing caps connected by a sprue. The individual parts can be cut free from the sprue using a hobby knife. The white dot left where the sprue was removed can be touched up easily with a black permanent marker.