NCYota Complete Axle Set

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32.0 Ounces

The BowHouse RC NCYota axle family provides outstanding performance and durability in an incredibly scale, Yota-style housing. NCYota axles use GCM Racing CVDs and rear axle shafts (the same parts used for the GCM TMX/TM8 axles) combined with Vaterra Ascender ring/pinion gears, knuckles and bearing caps. This is a complete axle set including that includes all housing and hardware except for steering/drag links and suspension components (links, leafs, radius arms, etc.).

Axles are typically made to order and may require up to 2-3 weeks for delivery. Housings, diff covers, knuckles and lockouts may ship separately from hardware kits. Please contact us via email at or via PM on our Facebook page if you have questions about availability and shipping times before placing your order.

NCYota axles are available in multiple versions to fit a variety of RC4WD and GCM CMAX-based applications, including:

  • 170mm leafed for RC4WD Trail Finder 2 and leaf-sprung Gelande 2 applications
  • 170mm linked for RC4WD Trail Finder 2 converted to 3-link/4-link suspension
  • 152mm leafed for GCM CMAX (perfect for Hilux/Mojave builds)
  • 157mm radius arm front/leaf-sprung rear for GCM CMAX with Killerbody LC70 body
  • 164mm radius arm front/linked rear for GCM CMAX with RC4WD or Team Raffee D90 and D110 bodies
  • 170mm leafed for GCM CMAX (perfect for Cruiser builds)

Please note that on RC4WD-based trucks, we recommend increasing your spur /pinion ratio (with a smaller pinion, larger, spur or both) to compensate for the lower gear reduction of the Ascender gearset as compared to the stock RC4WD gearset, particularly if you plan to run tires greater than 4" OD. 

This is a complete kit and ready to assemble. Assembled set shown in photo.

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