NC60 Ribbed Diff Cover

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3.0 Ounces

The BowHouse RC NC60 axle family builds on the popularity of our NCYota family, offering the look of 60-Series and 14-bolt axles with the performance and durability you've come to expect from BowHouse RC. NC60 axles use GCM Racing CVDs and rear axle shafts (the same parts used for our BowHouse RC NCYota axles and GCM's TMX/TM8 axles) combined with Vaterra Ascender ring/pinion gears, and the BowHouse RC double shear knuckle / lockout combo.

The NC60 Ribbed Diff Cover provides an aftermarket modified look for your NC60 axles.  This cover fits all versions of the NC60 Axle family.